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Systems and helpful Information
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neutral Areas
Valley of Seungryong
Yongbi Desert
Mount Sohan
Hwang Temple
Ghost Forest
Red Wood
Valley Of Giants
Spider Caves
Spiders Dungeon
Spiders Dungeon 2
Spider Cave 3
Grotto of Exile
Grotto of Exile
Grotto of Exile V2
90er Maps
Cape Dragon Fire
Nephrite Bay
Thunder Mountains
Guatama Cliff
105er Maps
Mountain of the Ochoa
Enchanted Forest
Special Maps
Guildzone Dayemi
Orc Maze
Greyhill Wilderness
Demon Tower
Spider Queen's Nest
Specters Tomb
Devil's Catacomb
Dragon Lair
Leros Bay
Red Dragon Fortress
Nemere's Watchtower
Wu-Kongs Ape Temple
Root of Evil
Meleys Hort
Ignails Dawnmist
Ludbas Settlement
Dopz cursed Lake
Liryums Canyon